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Year Courses

One Year Course

For 6th ,7th ,8th ,9th ,10th ,11th ,12th Class Students (Target-School /Board Exam)

This course helps the student in understanding the basics of science & Mathematics. Absolute clarity of concepts helps in increasing student’s IQ & reasoning ability and developing a strong foundation, that is so essential for success in student’s career. Student get exclusive study material to practice at home. The packet will include quizzes, puzzles & problems that students can attempt on a regular basis. This can help them improve their mental & analytical ability at a very early stage.

A synchronized test series throughout the year increase efficiency of students to perform better in exams.Every time the performance is critically analysed by the subject experts and if needed, individual counseling is given to the students. Besides classroom session & comprehensive course material , Test series will be provided to students.This will help in assessing & improving their performance , besides introducing them to the pattern of the competitive examinations.

Two Year Course

For 9th Class Students ( Target- School/Board Exam + NTSE)
For 11th Class Students ( Target School/Board Exam + Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams)

Spread over a span of two year, this program is designed to help students transit smoothly from one to next class and build a strong foundation for their basic subjects of Mathematics/Biology,Physics and Chemistry.

This Course enable the student to prepare simultaneously for the school examination as well as for the competitive examination. This course provide them a strong foundation for different subjects. They learn to develop analytical approach based on conceptual knowledge.

The first year of this course deals with detailed and elaborated analysis of every topic in an interesting manner. Classroom discussions are supported by a specially designed test series.

The course second year includes a well planed completion of syllabus followed by a fast track revision of previous class. A test series for current class and revision test series for previous class is also including in this course.

Target Course (ELEVATOR BATCH)

For 12th Pass Students ( Target-JEE Main\JEE Advanced\NEET)

This Batch is specially for class 12 pass students. To ensure success of students in JEE/NEET, they will be provided with rigorous training sessions with doubt clearing facility. This will help in minimizing errors and improving the level of performance. In this batch we nurture students in scientific manner paying much stress on basic fundamentals and concepts. Here we develop question solving skills of students through graduate sets of logical ,mathematical and numerical illustrations of firmly grasp the fundamentals and their application in various situations.

Even the previous pattern of JEE/NEET

 also, checks the speed with accuracy and sound clarity of basic concepts. Thus, continuous practice is the essence of success in competitive examinations.

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