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Study Material

Study Material

Detailed Theory Portion

This part explains the core concepts in a very simple and easy manner and helps in building a strong foundation for students.

Solved Examples & In-Chapter Exercises

This part illustrates the applicability of the theoretical concepts. Accurate and thorough explanations are provided to ensure students internalize the core concepts. Each step in the solved examples is carefully and systematically explained, to show students how to attempt a particular problem

Objective Worksheets

There is comprehensive set of question banks at the end of every chapter. These question banks are scientifically categorized based on difficulty level, type, previous years, application based / theory based etc. The questions cover all typical problems and many other fresh problems based on the latest trends in JEE/ NEET.

Students doubt clearing sessions

Apart from regular doubt clearing sessions, bi-weekly doubt clearing sessions are held. Special doubt clearing classes are held after the completion of course. Students are provided enough time by faculty members to clear their doubts, if required before/after each class.


During IIT-JEE (JEE-ADVANCED)/ AIEEE (JEE-MAIN) / Pre-Medical preparation, it takes enormous efforts and time on the part of a student to learn, practice and master the complete syllabus having variety of questions of various levels. At final stage of preparation, every student feels the need of a study material which can help him to do ‘Quick & Complete Revision’ of entire syllabus just before the final examination. Concept booster Package (CBP) helps student through meticulously selected sets of approximately 3000 questions (almost 1000 questions in each subject) with detailed solutions covering the entire syllabus through variety of problems of different levels and touching very minute points of understanding. CBP gives quick and complete revision of the syllabus by touching all important fundamentals and concept, which might have passed unnoticed during routine revision. This improves student’s thinking process and develops a temperament to face new and challenging problems with confidence.

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