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Academic Council

Academin Council

Timely completion of course

Well planned program of teaching and highly competitive environment. The courses are completed to the satisfaction of students and well in time. Sufficient time is slotted for making revisions, conduction of tests and doubt solving sessions. We prepare and monitor day wise lecture plan and ensure that it should be follow over the entire session so that we could make possible timely completion of the syllabus without any putting pressure on student.

Devoted & Steady Faculty Team

It has been maintaining its impressive results since its inception. Our faculties know how to shape and tune the minds of the students by leaving an indelible impression of “innovative technique”. We help our students to realize their dormant potentials. Our faculty members follow the most rigorous and scientific teaching methodology developed by our educational research and development department.

R & D cell

There is a dedicated department in the office for content improvement and new content development. The content research team is continuously improving the study material and is always adding new content for each of the classes to further improve the learning experience of students. Study plans for tests schedule, review are planned well in advance for an academic year. IMS delivers curriculum using a ground-breaking “blended approach” that includes development of program and courses based on industry and academics inputs, classroom teaching coupled with web based contents, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment, organized feedback from students and further improvisation of teaching techniques.

Classroom teaching

Some of the Classroom teaching methods adopted to enhance best of the practices and help students to derive the best of the learning from their programs and courses . Tutorials are the small group teaching methods that give opportunities to the students to talk about material being taught, ask questions and discuss material with their classmates and a designated tutor in a smaller group. The students are free to ask any questions cropping up in their minds while listening to lectures and attending tutorials and the teachers make sure to answer them in the best way understood by the students.

Problem counters (Subject-wise)

We have open door policy for every student. Our faculty members regularly approachable at problem solving counter in the one to one interaction mode.

IMS Feedback System

We regularly provide feedback to parents about student. We use SMS service to inform them about their ward’s performance. We provide monthly report of students so that they can monitor student’s performance.

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