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One Year Classroom Program


For 6th ,7th ,8th ,9th ,10th ,11th ,12th Class Students (Target-School /Board Exam)

This course helps the student in understanding the basics of science & Mathematics. Absolute clarity of concepts helps in increasing student’s IQ & reasoning ability and developing a strong foundation, that is so essential for success in student’s career.

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Two Year Classroom Program


For 9th Class Students ( Target- School/Board Exam + NTSE) For 11th Class Students ( Target School/Board Exam + Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams)

Spread over a span of two year, this program is designed to help students transit smoothly from one to next class and build a strong foundation for their basic subjects of Mathematics/Biology,Physics and Chemistry.

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Target Course


For 12th Pass Students ( Target-JEE Main\JEE Advanced\NEET)

This Batch is specially for class 12 pass students. To ensure success of students in JEE/NEET, they will be provided with rigorous training sessions with doubt clearing facility. This will help in minimizing errors and improving the level of performance.

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About IMS

IMS is a pioneering, premier institution preparing young aspirants for various Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams from the last 15 years is recognized for its quality.IMS is an organization destined to orient students into correct path to achieve success.The organization is being managed by competitive staff. Our goal at IMS is to create an environment that inspire students to recognize and explore their own potentials and build up their confidence.

Our foundation course are based on conceptual training and analytical approach. We are sharpening students at formative stage for forthcoming competitive examination ,so that they can hit the target. The functioning of IMS is based on giving righty concept, providing highly competitive environment and giving continuous motivation to the students.

Parent Speak

Mr. Amit Midha father of Akshita Midha

During the coaching classes in IMS, my daughter Akshita Midha specially got too much inspiration from IMS faculty members. The motivational lectures from faculty members also proved her very helpful. We wish for bright future of the institute and for its society through its educational prospective.

Mr. Nikhil Kumar Singhal father of Yana Singhal

A good teacher is like a candle ,it consumes itself to light the way for others. This quote by a unknown author embodies every aspects of what teachers at IMS CAREER MAKER do for each of their students. The future of the students is build up by IMS teachers. The teacher enables students to face the difficulties of life and to defeat them. As parents we are really thankful towards IMS CAREER MAKER for shaping my children future so that they can achieve heights of success.

Selected student

Anurag Shekhawat

JEE Main - 2018

Gayatri Meena

JEE Main - 2018

Ritik Jain

JEE Main - 2018

Rajveer Meena

JEE Main - 2018

Rahul Meena

JEE Main - 2018

Nitesh Meena

JEE Main - 2018

Milind Jalwania

JEE Main - 2018

Ankit Meena

JEE Main - 2018

Performer of APT/PT

Kunal Rawat

Class-7th CB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Kartik Yadav

Class-10th CB (PT Current-1st)

Aditya Raj Kumawat

Class-11th PCM CB (PT Current-1st)

Rahul Choudhary

Class-11th PCB CB (PT Current-1st)

Akshita Midha

Class-12th PCM CB (PT Current-1st)

Shirley Vijay

Class-12th PCB CB (PT Current-1st)

Chavi Jain

Class-10th MB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Anjali Malhotra

Class-11th Comm. (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Yashika Dutta

Class-12th Comm. (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Ashit Vijay

Class-9th CB (PT Current-1st)

Rahul Choudhary

Class-11th PCB (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Neelesh Nama

Class-11th PCM (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Chinoy Meena

Class-8th CB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Sanyam Jain

Class-9th CB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Gunjan Agarwal

Class-9th GB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Yana Singhal

Class-10th GB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Chavvi Bindal

Class-12th PCB (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Akshita Midha

Class-12th PCM (CB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Mohit Jangid

Class-12th PCB (GB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Kartik Yadav

Class-10th CB (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)

Shreya Mahovr

Class-12th PCM (GB) (Current & Cumulative Rank-1st)



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